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New Vape Laws Learn the Facts

T he most recent Covid-19 relief bill better known as 2021 Omnibus Appropriations Bill  sign into law December 27th 2020 by former President Donald Trump will have an lasting impact on the  cannabis vaping industry  for years to come.  Congress seize the opportunity  to do an amendment on  The Pact Act  which now implies to e-cigarettes and all vaping products. In this lengthy bill you can find the amendment on page 5136.   The Pact Act originally passed in 2009 substituting the Jenkins Act of 1949 is down-regulating the shipment of tobacco vape products in the United States.  So you ask how does a cigarette tax act affect the Cannabis industry ?   The Pact Act Amendment regulates the import and export of all thing vape. Now, the cannabis industry and  brands that profit from vape products they will have additional regulations.  Any vape device or liquid containing CBD or THC that requires shipping will have to register with the Bureau of alcohol and tobacco farmer firearms. However th