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Racism Influence Cannabis Then and Now

Racism Influence Cannabis Then and Now   My M.W White Editor/Cannabis Advocate As early as the 1800s, there were no federal restrictions on the sale or possession of cannabis in the U.S. T he mid-1930s  changed a lot for cannabis . It was determine as a illegal  drug in every state, including 35 states that adopted the  Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act . [1]  The first national regulation was the  Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 . But what cause this shift in making this earthy plant a menace to society? As far back as colonial day  hemp was introduced to black slaves . Kentucky Farm Workers  President George Washington  mandated that farmers grow hemp. Therefore, slaves  learned how to grow and tend to this miracle plant. Yet, this industrial plant called hemp was just a plant and not known as a narcotic but merely a corp that was apart America's economy.  Fast Forward to early 1900's , records shows that  cannabis, common name at the time,  wasn't cons