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Black Lives Matters in Cannabis

Black Lives Matters in Cannabis   by M.W White  W ith social justice roaring in the streets among thousands of protesters, as a result of the murder of "Gentle Giant George Floyd" . Equality is now a must. Since the death of Floyd ; police brutality and injustice for the Black Community has become a focus point for Americans everywhere. The President of NAACP  Derrick Johnson discussed in a interview, the failed police structure due to the killings of innocent African Americans.  George Floyd  N eedless to say,the justice system is under reform. But media spins has mention   George Floyd had a substance abuse issue that led the police officers to use excessive force, resulting to George Floyd  brutal death. H istory  has shown that the justice system has  used drugs as a way to justified its irrational  disproportionate  arrests of blacks, for non violent offenses, like drug chargers. ACLU reports that America stills spends an average of $2.6 billion per