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A Story of Cannabis & Capitalism Business Report MedMen Business Profile

So some would ask who is MedMen and why are they known as  "The Apple of  Cannabis"? Well it all started with two partners  in business and a plan of action to take over the industry. The two founders Adam Bierman 38 and Co-founder Andrew Modlin33 were visionaries. Their idea of a mainstream cannabis brand that would turn Chardonnay Moms into cannabis consumers: was a theory never seen. This ideology back in 2018  seems like a progressive idea that excited investors everywhere. Before MedMen,  R ecords show Bierman was a From Scottsdale Arizona  raised  by professional parent; father was an attorney. He went to high school in California and attended Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts , Los Angeles City College , and University of Southern California in Los Angeles. As an adult Bierman  live in California and started his career launching a  Sports Agency; which did well enough to be acquire by another company .   However Bierman was still a struggling entreprene