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Is President Joe Biden Sleeping on Cannabis Legalization

Is President Biden sleeping on the opportunity to fully legalize cannabis.  Within the first 100 days President Biden has made some people question his position on cannabis after Biden controversial hiring decisions.  However,  a ccording to Pew Research Center, 59% approve of the way Biden is handling his job as president, while 39% disapprove. In an article by The York Times justifying The White House employment cannabis policy, the White House press secretary  Jen Psaki confirmed that five staff members had lost their jobs because they used marijuana in the past. President Biden advice his administration to terminate several members in his cabinet for past cannabis use. Even though the administration had previously told incoming staffers that prior use of cannabis wouldn’t immediately disqualify them. Several other staff members remain employed on a work-from-home basis while their history of marijuana use is evaluated.  Nevertheless, The Biden administration has also asked  staffer

Cannabis legalization in New Jersey

 Cannabis legalization in The Garden State  The 5 Facts That You Must Know by M.W White O n February 22, 2021, hours before a constitutional deadline  Gov. Phil Murphy on Monday signed into law three bills that decriminalize and legalize marijuana for recreational use for anyone 21 or older.  After, years of failed legislation in the Garden State  but now with the decriminalization of this schedule 1 drug; mary jane   now can be free of recreational penalty. New Jersey  has become the 15th state to approve cannabis for recreational purposes.   In a state that currently has only 15 dispensaries the demand is projected to estimated 1 billion dollar industry.  A lthough there's been support for cannabis since a voting bill passed November 2020, yet law enforcement have continue to arrest those in possession of cannabis. As a known fact black Americans are nearly 4 more likely to get arrested. As a campaign  promise from  New Jersey Governor Murphy, he plans undue  the  havoc of the ra