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Black Lives Matters in Cannabis

Black Lives Matters in Cannabis   by M.W White  W ith social justice roaring in the streets among thousands of protesters, as a result of the murder of "Gentle Giant George Floyd" . Equality is now a must. Since the death of Floyd ; police brutality and injustice for the Black Community has become a focus point for Americans everywhere. The President of NAACP  Derrick Johnson discussed in a interview, the failed police structure due to the killings of innocent African Americans.  George Floyd  N eedless to say,the justice system is under reform. But media spins has mention   George Floyd had a substance abuse issue that led the police officers to use excessive force, resulting to George Floyd  brutal death. H istory  has shown that the justice system has  used drugs as a way to justified its irrational  disproportionate  arrests of blacks, for non violent offenses, like drug chargers. ACLU reports that America stills spends an average of $2.6 billion per

NFL New Provision on Mary Jane

Getty image By. M.W White   NFL and The CBA takes the High Road and Removes Mary Jane from Drug Testing. T he NFL has taken action in its next 10 year bargaining contract and their marijuana drug policy is being changed for the better.  Since the beginning the NFL and other professional leagues have taken a strong stand agreeing to MJ's outlaw. Prohibiting marijuana uses during the season.  Case in point, the suspension of David Irving Irving actually quit due to the insane marijuana policy. He was the former  defensive  for the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.    His decision to quit or some would say blow his "Big Shot" created an huge uproar in the sport community. Irving was consider a  "play anywhere on the line type of player". The triple threat; seen basically as one of the most physically dominant players in the NFL. But Irving chose medicating with marijuana and parted ways with the NFL.