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Mississippi Marijuana Laws Sentence Black Man to Life in Prison

By W.M White  According to records, Mississippi is one of the 27 states that have decriminalized cannabis. However a first offender with possession of 30 grams or less is punishable by a fine less then $500.  So how did 38-year-old Allen Russel get life in prison for only 44 grams of weed? Well, let us look at these outdated laws, which are still pit hole for our black men in southern white-controlled states. It all started on November 19, 2017, Allen Russell was apprehend by Hattiesburg Police Officers after being charged with 44 grams of pot , seize from his house. Consequently, he was sentenced to life in prison in the custody of Forrest County without parole. So can this happen you ask? Although Mississippi  voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 65, a constitutional ballot initiative to establish a medical marijuana program for patients with debilitating conditions.  A recent study by the American Civil Liberties Union found that although blacks and whites use marijuana at near

Is President Joe Biden Sleeping on Cannabis Legalization

Is President Biden sleeping on the opportunity to fully legalize cannabis.  Within the first 100 days President Biden has made some people question his position on cannabis after Biden controversial hiring decisions.  However,  a ccording to Pew Research Center, 59% approve of the way Biden is handling his job as president, while 39% disapprove. In an article by The York Times justifying The White House employment cannabis policy, the White House press secretary  Jen Psaki confirmed that five staff members had lost their jobs because they used marijuana in the past. President Biden advice his administration to terminate several members in his cabinet for past cannabis use. Even though the administration had previously told incoming staffers that prior use of cannabis wouldn’t immediately disqualify them. Several other staff members remain employed on a work-from-home basis while their history of marijuana use is evaluated.  Nevertheless, The Biden administration has also asked  staffer

New York is the 15th State to Legalizes Recreational Cannabis

A s of March 28, 2021 , Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie today announced an agreement on cannabis  legislation (S.854-A/A.1248-A).  This legislation will legalize adult-use cannabis. This is Gov.  Cuomo second time  signing legislation for cannabis. He  signed legislation legalizing the drug for medical purposes in 2014. However that bill excluded all flower from the consumer experience, medical patient only had access to liquid form of cannabis .  Yet with-the rise of cannabis approval among the United States its was pretty hard for New York, home of 50 million people, not to legalizes cannabis. A ccording to the United Nations,  158.8 million people around the world use marijuana—more than 3.8% of the planet’s population. And with New York's sister state, New Jersey has legalize the plant, the pressure was own for decriminalization of the plant and a cannabis reform.   Fast forward 7 years later  New York  i

New Vape Laws Learn the Facts

T he most recent Covid-19 relief bill better known as 2021 Omnibus Appropriations Bill  sign into law December 27th 2020 by former President Donald Trump will have an lasting impact on the  cannabis vaping industry  for years to come.  Congress seize the opportunity  to do an amendment on  The Pact Act  which now implies to e-cigarettes and all vaping products. In this lengthy bill you can find the amendment on page 5136.   The Pact Act originally passed in 2009 substituting the Jenkins Act of 1949 is down-regulating the shipment of tobacco vape products in the United States.  So you ask how does a cigarette tax act affect the Cannabis industry ?   The Pact Act Amendment regulates the import and export of all thing vape. Now, the cannabis industry and  brands that profit from vape products they will have additional regulations.  Any vape device or liquid containing CBD or THC that requires shipping will have to register with the Bureau of alcohol and tobacco farmer firearms. However th

Cannabis and Your Sex life Exploring the Facts

  M arijuana has different types of benefits to the body but have you ever thought about how it can enhance your sex life. So how  does cannabis affects one's sexual experience. Some would say cannabis can enhance any experience.   for instance,A report by James Halikas and some other authors in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs shows evidence of positive results that effects men sexual organs.  The report shows that men see marijuana as a sexual stimulant. Yet I personally question rather the sexual stimulant is enhance because of the terpen profile? Thus, there has been countless studies collecting data on 420 smokers and their sexual behavior.  Some studies support evidence that  Marijuana cannabinoids in its plant matrix causing mood changes, euphoric feeling, and alteration of senses; which enhance sex.  However, its even more studies  known to affect other parts of the body differently leading to different health issues. Lets Look at The Facts  Nevertheless, the studies  ar

Cannabis legalization in New Jersey

 Cannabis legalization in The Garden State  The 5 Facts That You Must Know by M.W White O n February 22, 2021, hours before a constitutional deadline  Gov. Phil Murphy on Monday signed into law three bills that decriminalize and legalize marijuana for recreational use for anyone 21 or older.  After, years of failed legislation in the Garden State  but now with the decriminalization of this schedule 1 drug; mary jane   now can be free of recreational penalty. New Jersey  has become the 15th state to approve cannabis for recreational purposes.   In a state that currently has only 15 dispensaries the demand is projected to estimated 1 billion dollar industry.  A lthough there's been support for cannabis since a voting bill passed November 2020, yet law enforcement have continue to arrest those in possession of cannabis. As a known fact black Americans are nearly 4 more likely to get arrested. As a campaign  promise from  New Jersey Governor Murphy, he plans undue  the  havoc of the ra

Hip Hop Royalty Collaboration with The Cannabis Industry.

The Cannabis Industry has Join  with Hip Hop Royalty  for Branding  Strategist. Here's how by M.W White Editor  Chef TheMaryReport    Hip hop royalty understood that weed was a general wealth builder long before legalization. Sum rappers have been rapping about Mary Jane since the beginning of their career   and even sold weed to pay for studio time.  Thus black music has been  integrating the weed culture from the 1920 jazz era to today's  hip hop culture .  A great documentary that depicts the relation between music and cannabis  is BET Special SMOKE: Marijuana + Black America,” executive-produced and narrated by  Nas . Also supporters like Vice President  Kamala Harris   in office we've embarked on an unprecedented time for the cannabis legalization.Take a look at the progression of cannabis and the support of Americans. Record show  from a Gallup poll says 66% of Americans support legalization. Society understands the benefits of cannabis  and wants to make right of t